Marc Pacheco

Mobile: 0797 324 3783,

Core Skills:

Extensive knowledge of css 1 and css 2 html PhotoShop, JavaScript, and Ruby as well as rails. Extensive experience of test driven development with over 8 years rails experience.

Long standing interest and enthusiasm for accessible web development. Many of the sites below were developed with accessibility as an intrinsic part of the design.




I’m working at songkick I’m the client side architect, which while sounding ridiculously grand is quite a sensible role. My job is ensuring what we do on the client side is predictable, maintainable and durable. This is a challenge and I’m really enjoying it.


The Guardian

I worked for the Guardian where I started as a freelancer in May 2006 from January 2007 I was full time and the lead clientside developer. I helped build the client side team, established coding practices and development philosophy. Upon my departure the clientside team consisted of five developers and a manager. I have more detail of what did on my work page.


Freelance web development

I worked on various sites at Victoria Real and I developed css and html.

dlkw (now part of dlkw Low) I worked on the Halifax web site.

Working on standards compliant css based sites at Poke I helped code on: orange entertainment, a small site for SAB Miller and the new yahoo digging site (gone — the site was at: The Miller site is not live yet so no link.

I worked at wheel on the type 45 site in January 2006.

Re-coded Rio Tinto for standards compliance and accessibility as a contractor working for view.

I acted as the lead css and html developer while contracted to wheel: on the New Unilever web site.

The last two sites worked on were on a contract basis for wheel:. I worked on the H.Samuel and Ernest Jones updating their sites.


Training For Life

At Training For Life I performed a dual role: developing web-sites for Designing for life (dfl) and teaching ecdl where needed. The Bulk of my time was spent on web development.

At dfl our emphasis was on designing accessible, standards compliant sites that worked cross browser. My main role was as the resident css guru and php and sql coder.

Sites developed at tfl were:,, I also developed a job tracking-system for the NHS Confederation. It is internal to the organisation. This was for an intranet the site and was specifically targeted at IE5+ for Windows.


dct London

IT tutor teaching html, css, JavaScript, Flash and Office applications. I also maintain the intranet server which I migrated from a mishmash of statically linked html files to a scripted database driven site (using php and mySQL) and thereby radically reducing maintenance time (running freeBSD 4.5, Apache http server, modphp and the mySQL data base server). I also maintained a dhcp server and a dns server (BIND) to simplify the use of the intranet.

Additionally, I designed and implemented a fault reporting system of the IT Services department. The system written in php and using mySQL as a database is searchable and correlated faults to individual workstations as well as maintaining a common reference for problem solving.

Set up and maintained a computer lab of 18 workstations running freeBSD 4.7, using nis and nfs and maintained a freeBSD server to act as an nis server and nfs server.


EasyEverything Internet Store

My role as tutor and assistant deputy manager included helping customers and cashing up daily. I was also required to log faults and liaise with technical support.


Big Pictures (photo library)

Apple Macintosh operator and general Mac user support work. At Big Pictures I gained extensive knowledge of Photoshop, Canto Cumulus (digital media archival system), and isdn Manager, Easytransfer and transparency and slide scanners. As well as assisting with network maintenance and trouble shooting.

Employment Summary:

Before starting a course at Queen Mary and Westfield College in 1994 I completed my Military service and worked as a courier.

Education and Qualifications


nvq Level 2 Computer networking installation and maintenance of NovelNetware networks.


Queen Mary and Westfield College Aero Eng Year 1 and 2


‘A’ level Economics via correspondence


Portuguese ‘A’ level equivalent in Mathematics


Portuguese ‘O’ level equivalent in: Portuguese, English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry, Geography and Philosophy