Since I design and code web sites for a living I decided it was probably about time I had a web site. So welcome to my little corner of the www.

By way of introduction, my name is Marc Pacheco and I’ve been working in web related fields since 2000. For more specifics see my cv and work sections.

The idea behind the site is to allow me some space to play and develop designs, as well as give me a place to show some of my past work and act as a point of contact. It will also show my commitment to standards based design and my enthusiasm for accessibility and usability. I find both of these fascinating and think they underpin web site design and complement the other design tools which are so essential to the final product.

Not surprisingly, I am very excited about the web. To me it is one of the technologies that seems to have no end of applications. Not that this is very original, but it is still true and I remain passionate about the possibilities it presents.

For those that are interested

The site is html 5 (but uses almost none of the new stuff) and uses css for presentation. The css is css 2.1 with a few touches of css 3. On the server side it is a simple Sinatra app.

The photographs used in the banners were mostly taken by me.